SERENITY COSMETICS main desire is to ensure High quality skincare in total safety. A range of non-aggressive skincare’s which aims at resolving with the optimum effectiveness and the greatest skin comfort and respect, pigmentary imperfections and lack of brightness.

Unique expertise based on a French know how…

The patented brand joined a partnership with a French laboratory in order to offer made-in-France products.

A combination of innovative active ingredients with a proven tolerance and efficiency has been developed after 3 years of research. SERENITY COSMETICS active ingredients are used in their objective clinical performance rates and have been dermatologically tested to ensure maximum result and optimum safety.

… A valuable choice of active ingredients ensures the highest level of efficiency.

SERENITY COSMETICS unveils its beauty secrets thanks to skincare exclusively designed to resolve hyperpigmentation and lack of brightness and uniformity. Products are formulated with a combination of innovative active ingredients combining plant extracts of liquorice root, wheat and Chilean tree bark derived.

















It is a plant origin active ingredient with a double action.

A lightening action by reducing tyrosinase production, a key enzyme involving in melanogenesis mechanism.

A anti-inflammatory action by reducing cyclooxygenase, a enzyme involving in inflammatory mechanisms.
















Chilean tree bark derived (Lumiskin – SEDERMA)

Wheat derived (Axolight – SOLIANCE)

It is plant and synthetic origin active ingredients, inhibiting the synthesis of melanin while significantly reducing the pigmentation of the epidermis.

Thanks to this innovative combination, dark spots are reduced and the complexion is clear and radiant, for a brighter skin and a more even complexion.


After 28 days of treatment:

 + 74% of radiance and luminosity

 + 54% reduction hyper pigmentation marks


To optimize the efficiency of every skincare, it is necessary for SERENITY COSMETICS to treat the whole skin, and especially answer the first need for all skin types: the hydration.


ach formula is enriched with hyaluronic acid (Critalyal et Vitalhyal). It is a pure active ingredient, with a natural and biomimetic origin, which by its nature and its physiological role, provides to the skin optimum hydration.


All the formulas are enriched with emollient agents and moisturizers like oil and glycerin to keep the skin from drying out. The products are enriched with antioxidant (Vitamin E) to protect the skin from external aggressions.

A complete line of skincare ensuring result and comfort to leave skin glowing with beauty.